Organizing Committee




Dr. Hamed ALAVI (main contact person: University of Fribourg and EPFL 

Hamed AlaviHamed Alavi is post-doctorate researcher at the Human-IST research center, in University of Fribourg, and at the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL). With a design-oriented approach, his work has been focused on exploring the spatial configuration of displayed information and its impact on the user’s behavior. The main product of his doctoral work is an ambient visualization system designed to support the social construct of the classroom; it has been adopted in several schools worldwide.


Prof. Denis LALANNE University of Fribourg

Denis LalanneDenis Lalanne is Professor at the University of Fribourg and heading the Human-IST research center dedicated to research and teaching in HCI, combining expertise in computer science, psychology and sociology. He also participates to the smartlivinglab (.ch) project in which his team is in charge of designing novel Human-Building Interaction technologies. His personal fields of expertise are multimodal interaction and information visualization.


Dr. Julien NEMBRINI University of Fribourg

Julien NembriniJulien Nembrini is senior lecturer at the University of Fribourg and collaborates to the smartlivinglab(.ch). He is an experienced building physics engineer with activities in Switzerland and Germany.  Dr. Julien Nembrini holds a math degree and a PhD in swarm robotics. His principal fields of expertise are building performance simulation, performative parametric design, and building data mining nd visualization.


Dr. Elizabeth CHURCHILL Google

Elizabeth ChurchillCurrently a Director of User Experience at Google, Dr. Elizabeth Churchill is an applied social scientist. She has been working in the areas of human computer interaction, computer mediated communication, mobile/ubiquitous computing and social media for 20 years. Her first interactive installations in buildings were in 2000, and her current research focuses on secure infrastructures for mobile, distributed and embedded computing - of which the Internet of Things is a subset.


Dr. Dave KIRK Newcastle University

Dave KirkDavid Kirk is Reader in Cultural Computing at Open Lab, Newcastle University. He has a background in psychology, ergonomics and HCI. His work increasingly adopts methods from a research-through-design tradition and has focused largely on exploring the design and development of technologies for domestic spaces. He has published on reactive architecture, and has extensive experience of organising CHI workshops.


Dr. Wendy MONCUR University of Dundee

Wendy MoncurWendy Moncur’s work focuses on the design of technology to support being human in a Digital Age. Her work is grounded in HCI, informed by knowledge from other disciplines including anthropology, sociology, psychology and design. She has explored digital aspects of a range of life transitions - becoming an adult, becoming a parent, relationship breakup, retiring and dying - all of which tend to play out in the built environment of the home.