Applying the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process in digital marketing

TitleApplying the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process in digital marketing
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKaltenrieder, P, D'Onofrio, S, Portmann, E
Book TitleFuzzy Optimization and Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Digital Marketing
PublisherIGI Global
CityHershey, PA

The fuzzy analytical network process (FANP) is introduced as a potential multi-criteria-decision-making (MCDM) method to improve digital marketing management endeavors. Today?s information overload makes digital marketing optimization, which is needed to continuously improve one?s business, increasingly difficult. The proposed FANP framework is a method for enhancing the interaction between customers and marketers (i.e., involved stakeholders) and thus for reducing the challenges of big data. The presented implementation takes realities? fuzziness into account to manage the constant interaction and continuous development of communication between marketers and customers on the Web. Using this FANP framework, the marketers are able to increasingly meet the varying requirements of their customers. To improve the understanding of the implementation, advanced visualization methods (e.g., wireframes) are used.