Applying Fuzzy Ontologies to Implement the Social Semantic Web

TitleApplying Fuzzy Ontologies to Implement the Social Semantic Web
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPortmann, E, Kaltenrieder, P, Zurlinden, NMartina
JournalACM SIGWEB Newsletter
Date PublishedDecember

Because the knowledge in the World Wide Web is continuously expanding, Web Knowledge Aggregation, Representation and Reasoning (abbreviated as KR) is becoming increasingly important. This article demonstrates how fuzzy ontologies can be used in KR to improve the interactions between humans and computers. The gap between the Social and Semantic Web can be reduced, and a Social Semantic Web may become possible. As an illustrative example, we demonstrate how fuzzy logic and KR can enhance technologies for cognitive cities. The underlying notion of these technologies is based on connectivism, which can be improved by incorporating the results of digital humanities research.