Emotion visualization for collaborative applications

Denis Lalanne
Christian Frei
Project status: 

The aim of this project is to visualize the emotions of people situated in two different rooms working together on the so-­called EmotiBoard, a vertical surface on which participants can interact remotely.  The background of the application shows a live video stream from the other room such that users can see and hear each other. The collaborative application and the emotion visualization are displayed on top of the video stream. Therefore the users get a better feeling about the remote collaborators. The project will be based on the MultiCross library developed in a previous bachelor project in the DIVA group and will study various mechanisms to display emotional states of participants.     


  1. Write a HelloWorld Application with the MultiCross Library which will be the  basic for the application 
  2. Create an interface for data exchange between the emotion recognition module  and the java application (M1) 
  3. Create the different emotion visualizations (M2) 
  4. Prepare an interim presentation 
  5. Extend the MultiCross Library to work with text input devices  6. Implement the collaborative application (M3) 
  6. Test and debug the collaborative application 
  7. Prepare the final presentation 
  8. Write the documentation