Digital Personal Assistant for Cognitive Cities: A Paper Prototype

TitleDigital Personal Assistant for Cognitive Cities: A Paper Prototype
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsKaltenrieder, P, Papageorgiou, E, Portmann, E
Book TitleTowards cognitive cities: advances in cognitive computing and its applications to the governance of large urban systems
Series Title63
PublisherSpringer International Publishing

This chapter presents an evaluation and initial testing of a meta-application (meta-app) for enhanced communication and improved interaction (e.g., appointment scheduling) between stakeholders (e.g., citizens) in cognitive cities. The underlying theoretical models as well as the paper prototype are presented to ensure the comprehensibility of the user interface. This paper prototype of the meta-app was evaluated through interviews with various experts in different fields (e.g., a strategic consultant, a small and medium-sized enterprises cofounder in the field of online marketing, an IT project leader, and an innovation manager). The results and implications of the evaluation show that the idea behind this meta-app has the potential to improve the living standards of citizens and to lead to a next step in the realization and maturity of the meta-app. The meta-app helps citizens more effectively manage their time and organize their personal schedules and thus allows them to have more leisure time and take full advantage of it to ensure a good work-life balance to enable them to be the most efficient and productive during their working time.