FORA - A Fuzzy Set Based Framework for Online Reputation Management

TitleFORA - A Fuzzy Set Based Framework for Online Reputation Management
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPortmann, E, Meier, A, Cudré-Mauroux, P, Pedrycz, W
JournalFuzzy sets and systems
Date PublishedJune
KeywordsFuzzy clustering, Grassroots ontology, Online reputation management, Search engine, Social semantic web, Topic Maps

The Social Web offers increasingly simple ways to publish and disseminate personal or opinionated information, which can rapidly exhibit a disastrous influence on the online reputation of organizations. Based on social Web data, this study describes the building of an ontology based on fuzzy sets. At the end of a recurring harvesting of folksonomies by Web agents, the aggregated tags are purified, linked, and transformed to a so-called fuzzy grassroots ontology by means of a fuzzy clustering algorithm. This self-updating ontology is used for online reputation analysis, a crucial task of reputation management, with the goal to follow the online conversation going on around an organization to discover and monitor its reputation. In addition, an application of the Fuzzy Online Reputation Analysis (FORA) framework, lesson learned, and potential extensions are discussed in this article.