Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Science and Technology - Program


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an innovative and organic blend of

that gives future interaction scientists and technologists a competitive edge. 



The MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) will be worth 60 ECTS credits and will be carried out over the course of 1 year full-time, with a maximum annual intake of 6 students.


Student Profile

The program is geared towards, but not restricted to, recently graduated master students from universities or universities of applied sciences who want to specialize in interaction science or learn new skills to complement their existing knowledge.

Study Grants and Fees

As the MAS program has a maximum annual intake of 6 students, admission is highly competitive, and only students with outstanding qualifications (determined based on a CV, letter of motivation, samples of previous work and letters of reference) will be accepted. The top students will receive a study grant of 32'000CHF, which is expected to help cover the enrollement fee as well as basic living expenses during their time of study. The enrollment fee for the MAS program is 20'000CHF, to be paid in full before the start of the program.