Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Science and Technology - Admission

Academic Requirements

Students will be considered for admission into the Human-IST MAS program if they have a Master's diploma from an institute of higher education (a university, a polytechnial university, a university of applied sciences or equivalent). In exceptional cases, a Bachelor diploma + professional experience can be considered in lieu of a Master's diploma.

General Remarks

Since the program, including all courses, will be held in English and the reports are expected to be written in English, students are strongly recommended to have an English proficiency level of at least B2.

Fulfilling the admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the MAS program. Decisions regarding admission are made by the program direction, and students must receive a formal letter from the program direction to confirm their admission.

Students wishing to enrol in one or more individual courses must fulfil the same requirements as students who enrol in the full program, but must specify in their letter of motivation the specific courses for which they wish to enrol. Please note that such an enrolment is possible only for the MAS courses, and does not apply to the MAS seminars. 


Application for full program: Please send your completed application form, along with a letter of motivation, a CV, samples of previous work, 2 letters of reference and copies of your diplomas as a single .zip file to with the subject line: Human-IST MAS application.

Appliction for individual courses: Please send your completed application form, along with a letter of motivation, including which courses you would like to attend, a CV and copies of your diplomas as a single .zip file to, with the subject line: Human-IST MAS application - courses.


Application for full program: applications must be received on or before June 1st, 2018 in order to be considered. Confirmation of acceptance into the program will be sent out in the last week of June 2018.

Applications for individual courses: applications must be received at the latest 30 days before the date of the course. Confirmation of enrollement in an individual course will be sent out at the latest 14 days before the day of the course. Please note that the fee for individual courses is 900CHF per full-day course. An academic discount is available for those who wish to take an individual course and are enrolled at or employed by an academic institution at the time of the course. Please contact us directly for further details.