Master Projects

Below is a list of all the Master Projects related to Human-IST Research Center and its team.
The "Open" category contains proposals: if you are interested in a Master Project with Human-IST, please apply for one of these subjects.

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Year Title Supervisor(s)
2018 Resemblance relations for cognitive systems Edy Portmann, Sara D’Onofrio, ICT Post
2018 Visualizing the threads of legal articles from a 111-years old Constitution Florian Evéquoz
2017 Evaluating experience sampling techniques in large scale mobile comfort perception sensing Julien Nembrini, Denis Lalanne
2017 Matching smart home data exploitation results with users' real behaviour Julien Nembrini, Agnes Lisowska, Denis Lalanne
2015 Visualisation of the history of ACM IHM publications Florian Evéquoz, Denis Lalanne
(Multi)3 socio-affective behaviours Denis Lalanne, Fabien Ringeval
Augmented Parallel Coordinates Visualization Florian Evéquoz, Denis Lalanne
Explaining and Encouraging Shifting as a Way to Reduce One’s Carbon Footprint Agnes Lisowska Masson, Julien Nembrini, Denis Lalanne
Year Title Student Supervisor(s)
2017 Autonomous vehicles and us : human-AV interaction design Guillaume Pythoud Florian Evéquoz, Grace Eden, Manchester Metropolitan University, Himanshu Verma, Denis Lalanne
2016 Detection and Visualization of Human-Human and Human-Artifact interactions using proximity sensors Nico Färber Himanshu Verma, Hamed Alavi, Denis Lalanne
2016 Visualizing the user in the building data Roberto Sanchez Julien Nembrini, Denis Lalanne
Year Title Student Supervisor(s)
2017 Privacy Dashboard for Social Networks Angelo Guglielmetti Agnes Lisowska Masson, Denis Lalanne
2016 Detecting and Reducing Interruptions at Work Thibaut Mauron Denis Lalanne, Remy Zimmermann
2016 Interactive visualisation of the 2000 W buildings design space Raphaël Tuor Julien Nembrini, Denis Lalanne, Thomas Jusselme
2015 Evolution driven multivariate testing on the Web Jan Aurel Kühni Denis Lalanne
2015 Real time tracking and visualization of indoor social interactions Thomas Rouvinez Denis Lalanne
2015 Relationship between subjective comfort perception and smartphone sensor data Roman Kuepper Denis Lalanne, Julien Nembrini
2015 Sensing Human Comfort: An Inclusive Implementation of Indoor Environmental Data Collection Léonard Stalder Hamed Alavi, Denis Lalanne
2015 Visualization of multivariate building data by spatiotemporal building models Roman Baeriswyl Denis Lalanne, Julien Nembrini
2014 Constel Analytics: a visual tool for web analytics Pierre Vanhulst Denis Lalanne
2014 JITIR Agent to support Text Creation, based on the Mix Initiative User Interface Design Lorena Recalde Denis Lalanne
2014 T-UCD: An extensible tool for User-Centered Design beginners and practitioners Valentina Coletti Denis Lalanne
2014 Visual Mining of Smartphone Sensor Data Adel Rizaev Denis Lalanne
2013 Augmented Video Conferencing By Multimodal Emotion Recognition Samaneh Soleimani Denis Lalanne
2013 Combining Voice and Gesture for Human Computer Interaction Haleh Chizari Denis Lalanne
2012 Evaluation of pointing strategies for Microsoft Kinect Sensor Device Daria Nitescu Denis Lalanne, Mattias Schwaller
2012 Using Microsoft Kinect to perform commands on virtual objects Simon Brunner Denis Lalanne, Mattias Schwaller
2011 Ergonomic Gestures Recognition Tom Forrer Denis Lalanne
2010 Bind and Adapt - A paradigm and framework for information visualization Benoît Pointet Denis Lalanne
2010 Controlling the Nao robot in real time Zohreh Danandeh Denis Lalanne
2010 Weena - Visualisation Temporelle de l'Information Personnelle Julien Thomet Florian Evéquoz, Denis Lalanne
2008 A practical study on usability approaches combining qualitative and quantitative methods Anne Gachet Marino Widmer , Rolf Ingold, Denis Lalanne , Enrico Bertini
2008 GeoFlowViz: Visualizing large-scale geo-referenced business flows Lawrence Michel Enrico Bertini, Denis Lalanne, Rold Ingold
2008 ImmoAnalytics – Une Application web d’analyse visuelle de données immobilières Mehdi Radgohar Denis Lalanne, Enrico Bertini
2007 MindMap - Creative and collaborative MindMapping on a Sensitive Whiteboard Karin Altorfer Denis Lalanne
2007 RELATE - Evaluating the usefulness of adhoc relative positioning devices for collaboration Dominique Guinard Hans Gellersen, Rolf Ingold, Denis Lalanne
2006 Personal RADAR - Providing localization facilities to blind people Reto Koenig Denis Lalanne