Augmented Parallel Coordinates Visualization

Florian Evéquoz
Denis Lalanne
Project status: 


Parallel coordinates is a popular visualization technique that allows the representation of multidimensional data in a compact way. In particular, it allows analysts to identify correlations between dimensions of the data [1]. Extensions of parallel coordinates have been proposed, e.g. to help identify frequencies of values along each axis of the visualization [3], or to include the display of non-numeric categorical data [4]. However mixed data types are still an issue for parallel coordinates visualizations and several of the proposed improvements have never been actually tested with users. This project aims at bridging this gap.

Overall the goal of this master project are:

  1. Synthetize the research in this area
  2. Create original solutions to improve existing alternatives to parallel coordinates visualisation, in particular for mixed numeric-categorical data
  3. Evaluate several alternatives using crowd-sourced user experiment [2]


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