Controlling the Nao robot in real time

Denis Lalanne
Zohreh Danandeh
Project status: 


Improving the abilities of the Nao robot and controlling it in real time.


The Nao robot has some abilities, can talk, shake hands, recognize some objects, thanks to its various sensors. We intend to improve the Nao’s abilities so that to control its movments in real time. 


The project first focus on study the available API to use directly or combination of them in animating the robot or creating some libraries which helps to programming .Then start to communicate with Neo and could control it like the hand movement and tip of hands , improving its flexibility to take even thin objects then recognizing the objects, defining the particular objects which have specific meaning to robot.. Designing high level commands and then programming. At the end needs an application to controlling the animation of robot. 


  • 1st April 2010: Report on abilities and disabilities of robot, good understanding of current API
  • 1st May 2010: Design of high level functions and gestures and test of robot control
  • 1st June 2010: Design the library of API to control robot in real time
  • 1st July 2010: Control of robot in real time through designed API
  • 31 August 2010: report and final presentation done


Python , c++ , Webot