Personal RADAR - Providing localization facilities to blind people

Denis Lalanne
Reto Koenig
Project status: 

Full title

Perception enhancement for visually impaired people. A user-centered approach towards a fleximodal user interaction framework.


Most existing interaction frameworks heavily depend on vision. Personal Radar is a user-centred approach towards a fleximodal user interaction framework useable for high- low- and no vision. The fleximodality is achieved by the ability of the framework to recognize and use the different modalities an output-device supports and by the flexible use controlled by the user.

Personal Radar is a real world use case which proofs the usability of the fleximodal framework.

Personal Radar is a user-centered design serving the community of visually impaired people in order to enhance their perception of local surroundings.


User centred design

  • Interviewing visually impaired people
  • Specify the functional requirements of the Personal Radar
  • Specify the presentational requirements of the Personal Radar
  • Technology meets reality

Fleximodal framework

  • Architectual design
  • Modelling language
  • Synthesizers
  • Recognizers

Personal Radar

  • Architectual design
  • Modelling language
  • Management Layer Design
  • Connection to the fleximodal framework

Evaluation / Usability

  • User Evaluation
  • Used technologies
  • Used Synthesizers / Recognizers
  • Logic

Performance Evaluation

  • Used technologies
  • Fleximodal framework
  • Personal Radar