Visualisation of the history of ACM IHM publications

Florian Evéquoz
Denis Lalanne
Project status: 


This data science project aims at exploring, consolidating, and visualizing the metadata covering 30 years of scientific publications in Human-Computer Interaction at the ACM IHM conference, in prevision for the ACM IHM 2016 Conference that will be held in Fribourg ( The dataset produced as a result of this thesis should also be made available online for further use by the research community, along with some visualisations of interesting data.

The project is advised in collaboration with Dario Rodighiero, data designer at the EPFL.

The results of the work will be published and presented at the ACM IHM 2016 conference.


The tasks to carry out in this project are the following:

  1. State of the art of similar initiatives
  2. Exploration of the available data (based on dataset provided by ACM)
  3. Development of tools to extract / complete relevant metadata
  4. Choice of structure for publishing the dataset
  5. Online publication of the dataset, with documentation
  6. Design and development of relevant visualisations
  7. Evaluation of the visualizations based on specific research question (to be determined)

As an example of similar work, consider the infovis publications dataset that was visualized e.g. here


The dataset should be published online, using standard web technologies. The final visualisations should also be developed for the web, e.g. with the d3.js visualization framework.

Technology choices for wrangling the data are left to the student (e.g. Python with Pandas, R, ...). For the visual exploration of the data at early stages, the use of Tableau & Gephi is encouraged.