Visualization of Network Changes

Florian Evéquoz
Denis Lalanne
Project status: 

The project consists in reviewing and evaluating different visual methods to track changes in networks, with particular emphasis to the modification of nodes and links, and the relative structure based on them. The following tasks are planned:

  1. State of the art: a list of visual methods and authors, especially focused on changes in networks
  2. A visualization taxonomy: a diagram that describes the features that these visual methods have in common and their differences.
  3. Identification of a relevant research question, and setup of research methodology
  4. Implementation and integration of relevant visual methods
  5. Evaluation to comprehend strength and weakness of each method.

To start the research, example data are provided to the student, who is also encouraged proposing network data based on his own interest.

The combination Javascript/d3.js is warmly welcome, but other alternatives can be evaluated with the supervisors.

This project is advised in collaboration with Dario Rodighiero, data designer at the EPFL, and will lead to a publication in a scientific conference dedicated to information visualization (e.g. IVAPP, VAST, infovis).