Research Seminars

The Human-IST Research Center uses the ACM SIG Proceedings Templates for its reports.

2017, Spring Visualization of Spatio-Temporal and Buildings Data Denis Lalanne, Florian Evéquoz
2016, Spring Data Visualization Selected Chapters Seminar Denis Lalanne, Florian Evéquoz
2016, Fall Human Building Interaction Denis Lalanne, Julien Nembrini
2015, Spring Human Building Interaction Denis Lalanne, Julien Nembrini
2015, Fall Collaborative Data Visualization Seminar Denis Lalanne
2015, Fall Interaction Design Seminar Agnes Lisowska Masson
2015, Fall Human-Building Interaction Denis Lalanne, Julien Nembrini
2013, Spring Information Representation Seminar 1 Introduction Denis Lalanne, Vlad Atanasiu
2013, Fall Information Representation Seminar 2 Project Denis Lalanne, Vlad Atanasiu
2012, Spring Multimodal Interaction on Mobiles Devices Denis Lalanne
2012, Fall Social Signal Processing (SSP seminar 2012) Denis Lalanne, Fabien Ringeval
2011, Fall Emotion recognition Denis Lalanne, Fabien Ringeval
2010, Spring Gesture recognition II and reviewing-club Denis Lalanne, Florian Evequoz
2010, Fall Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Bruno Dumas, Denis Lalanne, Maurizio Rigamonti
2009, Spring Personal Information Management Denis Lalanne, Florian Evequoz
2009, Fall Gesture recognition Denis Lalanne
2008, Fall Evaluation Methods in Human-Computer Interaction Denis Lalanne, Enrico Bertini, Maurizio Rigamonti
2006, Winter Information Visualization Denis Lalanne