Visualizing Live Gas Balloon Competition Gordon Benett 2017

The FAI Gordon Bennett race is the oldest air competition in the world. Each year, gas balloons compete to cover the largest distance. In 2017, this competition will be organized in Fribourg (http://gordonbennett2017.ch/). The goal of this bachelor project is to develop a web dashboard to visualize the progress of competitors during the race, as well as other available tracking data (e.g. speed, altitude, etc.) and possibly contextual data, e.g. Twitter or Instagram feeds of competitors.

Visualisation of the history of ACM IHM publications


This data science project aims at exploring, consolidating, and visualizing the metadata covering 30 years of scientific publications in Human-Computer Interaction at the ACM IHM conference, in prevision for the ACM IHM 2016 Conference that will be held in Fribourg (http://ihm2016.afihm.org/) The dataset produced as a result of this thesis should also be made available online for further use by the research community, along with some visualisations of interesting data.