Data Visualization

Visualizing the threads of legal articles from a 111-years old Constitution

Between 2019 and 2023, the canton of Valais will be rewriting its constitution, which dates back to 1907. As a fundamental text defining the general principles of the State, the Constitution represents the source of all the cantonal laws promulgated between 1907 and 2018. From a data perspective, the links between constitutional articles and laws thus represent a network of nodes and links.

Interactive visualisation of the 2000 W buildings design space

The increasing requirements on building performance in multiple dimensions such as LCA, electricity demand, heating and cooling demand, etc. makes difficult for architect and engineer designers to get a clear overview on what are the implications of any choice during the design process. To reach the requirements of the 2000 W society, all possible energy spendings need to be comparable in order to trade of between spending energy in construction materials to save energy later during building usage, or the opposite.