user studies

Evaluating experience sampling techniques in large scale mobile comfort perception sensing

Maintaining comfort is the purpose of buildings and energy is often needed for it. With more and more severe energy efficiency requirements and ever increasing building automation to achieve it, there is a need to gather the actual comfort sensation of building users, to optimise buidling control.

Yet comfort sensation is a subjective perception, that shows high variability among users, depending on their activity, their clothing, their environement, etc. The experience sampling approach allows to gather user perception about a given while they go about their normal doings.

Interactive visualisation of the 2000 W buildings design space

The increasing requirements on building performance in multiple dimensions such as LCA, electricity demand, heating and cooling demand, etc. makes difficult for architect and engineer designers to get a clear overview on what are the implications of any choice during the design process. To reach the requirements of the 2000 W society, all possible energy spendings need to be comparable in order to trade of between spending energy in construction materials to save energy later during building usage, or the opposite.