Elena Mugellini

HES-SO Fribourg, CH

National Academic Lecturer

Short Biography

Elena Mugellini is currently Professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland in Fribourg (HES-SO). She holds a Diploma (Bsc and Msc) in Telecommunications Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from University of Florence, Italy. Elena is the leader of the HumanTech Institute (Technology for Human well-being). The institute aims at improving the quality of life and well-being of human beings thanks to the ingenious use of new technologies, in order to strengthen their abilities as individuals, as well as members of an increasingly dynamic, nomadic and globalized society. Her research expertise lies in Human Computer Interaction (multimodal and natural interaction, smart spaces, serious game and gamification) and Intelligent Data Analysis (machine learning, multimedia content and knowledge management, semantic technologies). She teaches at graduate and undergraduate level a range of topics, including: project management, human-computer interaction and user experience design, machine learning.

Course "Alternative Realities"


January 11th, 2019


This course will begin with an introduction to the concepts of Augmented and Virtual Reality, and will present some examples of applications, show some demos, and present some of the project developed in our group. Then, we will discuss tracking and localisation issues, levels of interaction (2D, 3D, etc.), the technological tools (HMDs, development frameworks, etc.) that are often used, with a particular focus on ARkit and ARcore, which will be used in the practical part of the course, and conclude with some challenges and perspectives.