David Bozzini

University of Fribourg, CH

National Academic Lecturer

Short Biography

Prof. David Bozzini is a social anthropologist researching at the intersection of politics, technology and socio-cultural dynamics. His main research interest focuses on Information security and digital surveillances. Prof. Bozzini has conducted fieldwork in Europe, Africa and North America. He teaches Digital Ethnography, Social Theory and a variety of topics in Political Anthropology (security, the state, resistance, social movements, etc.) and organizes “crypto-parties”. Before being appointed in Fribourg, David was researching at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York, in Leiden University, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Germany and in Asmara University in Eritrea. He taught and researched in several Swiss Universities and UASs as well.

Course "Anthropology"


December 21st, 2018


This course is an invitation to think how social processes and cultural elements are deeply embedded in both science and technology. The social sciences have devised several paths to establish that scientific knowledge and technological innovations are socio-cultural productions in the first place, but also have various impacts on the society at large (economically, politically, culturally, etc.). However, the relationships between science and society are vigorously debated in sciences as well as in the social sciences. The objective of this course is to provide you with perspectives from the social sciences on these relationships and a toolbox that can be used to think about your own projects in computer science.

After an overview of various perspectives on science and technology, we will be discussing the relevance of the fundamental distinction between society and technology. The second part of this course is a brief introduction to the Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and a presentation of its toolbox that allows us to think about our scientific and technical projects beyond conventional convictions. After this course, you will be able to think about your own project(s) using these ANT tools.