Florian Egger

Telono, CH

Industrial Lecturer

Short Biography

Florian Egger is the founder and principal of Telono SA, a Geneva-based user experience (UX) research and design agency he founded in 2005. He manages a team of user researchers and interaction designers who strive to make interactions with products and services more useful, more usable and more enjoyable. Florian has extensive international experience in sectors ranging from healthcare to finance or international organizations, where he has set up systematic user-centered design processes to achieve business success. Florian holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) From the Eindhoven University of Technology, an MSc in HCI from University College London and a BSc in Psychology & Philosophy from the City University, London.

Course "User Research"


December 7th, 2018


The course starts with an overview of user research methods in different phases of a project’s lifecycle: from exploratory research, through to participatory design and evaluation. We will then show how to consolidate data from user research to create personas to be used for design. Personas typically come with scenarios, story maps or storyboards. Finally, we will be discussing how to select the right mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to triangulate data and thereby gain a richer understanding of users’ experiences.