Michèle Courant

University of Fribourg, CH

National Academic Lecturer

Short Biography

Michèle Courant is senior research scientist and lecturer at the Department of Informatics, University of Fribourg. She presently works at the Human-IST Institute. Her research and teaching activities include inter- and trans-disciplinary topics related to ICT and technologiy in general, with a focus on the relationships between human development and ICT. Her technical projects focus on the design of human-centered systems and adaptive systems.

Course "Evolution"


January 25th, 2019 (afternoon)


In this course we will take a high-level view of our implication in the process of technological innovation in order to put Interaction Science and Technology in perspective to the evolution of the human species and of planetary development. To do so, we will use models and meta models issued from system thinking (namely autopoiesis and autogenesis from E. Schwarz), from the integral approach (namely the Dynamic Spiral and K. Wilber models) and epistemology, as well as biology and psychology.

The intention is to be able to better manage our own mindset, and in particular to facilitate the positioning of our practices in relation to our values, in order to be able to promote a technological development which fits into the lifecycles, with human potential at the center.