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Below is a list of all the Bachelor Projects related to Human-IST Research Center and its team. The "Open" category contains proposals: if you are interested in a Bachelor Project with Human-IST, please apply for one of these subjects.


LateX template for Bachelor Project Reports

Open Proposals

  • Large Scale Comfort Perception Sensing through Mobile Experience Sampling Technique

    Maintaining comfort is the purpose of buildings and energy is often needed for it. With more and more severe energy efficiency requirements and ever increasing building automation to achieve it, there is a need to gather the actual comfort sensation of building users, to optimise buidling control.

    Yet comfort sensation is a subjective perception, that shows high variability among users, depending on their activity, their clothing, their environement, etc. The experience sampling approach allows to gather user perception about a given while they go about their normal doings.

    The goal of this bachelor project is to develop a multi-platform mobile application to allow large scale gathering of comfort perception in real buildings through an experience sampling approach. Building on the outcomes of the project Relationship between subjective comfort perception and smartphone sensor data , the project will bring a similar apporach to a larger scale.

    It will consist in:

    1. Developing an infrastructure composed of multi-platform mobile app (with availability in app stores) and data servers.
    2. Using indoor positioning methods relying  on BT beacons/Wifi fingerprinting.
    3. Demonstrating and testing prototypes in real settings.

    Teachers: Julien NembriniDenis Lalanne

Finished Projects

Year Title Student Supervisor(s)
2018 Big Building Data Visualization: A Visualization Tool for the ”Smart Living Lab” Johan Jobin Denis Lalanne
2015 Emotion Visualization for Collaborative Applications Christian Frei Denis Lalanne
2015 Gamification and Tracking of Social Interactions at a Networking Event Moreno Colombo Denis Lalanne
2015 Visualisation des graphes écologiques Raphael Tuor Jean Hennebert, Denis Lalanne
2013 MMCAPP - The Multimodal Challenge Application for Mobile Devices Denis Bossy Denis Lalanne
2011 Controlling NAO's Arms with Color Markers Kevin Mettenberger Denis Lalanne, Matthias Schwaller
2011 Improving Wiimote Gesture Recognition with User Feedback Jan Aurel Kühni Denis Lalanne, Matthias Schwaller
2011 MultiCross – A Programming Library for Multi-Party Collaborative Applications Silvan Troxler Denis Lalanne, Matthias Schwaller
2008 DynaMAZE Tom Forrer Fulvio Frapolli, Maurizio Rigamonti, Denis Lalanne
2008 Improving Emails Visualization in Thunderbird Claude Bossy Florian Evéquoz, Denis Lalanne
2008 Visual Editor Roland Plüss Fulvio Frapolli, Maurizio Rigamonti, Amos Brocco, Denis Lalanne