Web Analysis and Monitoring

Teacher(s): Meier Andreas, Portmann Edy
Level: Master
Type of lesson: Lecture
Language(s): English
Semester(s): SP-2016
The topics of the 2016 course include:

Andreas Meier
Web Analytics Web:
Content Controlling
Web User Controlling
Web Score Card versus Fuzzy Measures

Business Analytics:
Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing
Fuzzy Data Warehousing

Customer Equity:
Acquisition & Retention Methods
Measuring Customer Value
Fuzzy Portfolio Technique

Marketing Analytics:
Customer Analysis
Analytics for Marketing Campaigns
Inductive Fuzzy Classification

Edy Portmann
What is sensemaking in information systems and how does it work? How can interactive sensemaking systems be designed? How can one combine sensemaking with collective intelligence? How can generated knowledge be stored and managed?

What is granular computing and how can it come to operation in Web information systems? How to combine big data management with granular computing? How can granular knowledge structures be stored and managed? How can a unifying framework be develop and possibly be implement?

What is the goal of (automatic) language understanding? What are the semantics and pragmatics of a natural language? How can computing with words and perception be used to build holistic knowledge structures? How can these structures be stored and managed? Do we need metadata to do this?

What is collective intelligence and where can it be found? How can computers be connected to people, so that collectively they act more intelligently than any entity (i.e. computer or human) have done before? How does one collect collectively generated knowledge? How to store and manage this knowledge?

Alexander Denzler
How can knowledge be represented in an efficient way, which allows for it to be discovered, assessed and analyzed? (Example: Linkurious)

How would you represent a users contributions (be it twitter posts, answers to questions, etc.) using JavaScript D3 in a way that enables to user to monitor his/her past activities and filter according to 1 or 2 criteria.

If you had to introduce Knowledge Analytics, which is supposed to give companies valuable insight into knowledge related key performance indicators, which ones could be of interest?

How would you introduce Employee Knowledge Analytics, which gathers, assesses and reveals valuable facts about what knowledge they hold, in which domains etc.?

Sara D‘Onofrio
What is computing with words and how can it process imprecise data into information? How can a conceptual framework be developed and possibly be implemented? Why it is important to process imprecise data in the environment of web analysis and monitoring?

Why it is important to have a good working monitoring process for business? How can this process (e.g., in the environment of complaint management) be optimized respectively automated with the help of cognitive computing?

What is the Cynefin framework? In which context of design-oriented Web Analysis and Monitoring can the Cynefin framework of Dave Snowden be of importance?

What is affective computing and how can it come to operation in Web information systems? Why can feelings be important (e.g., in online marketing strategies)? How can possible predictive tools look like with the inclusion of emotions (i.e., affective computing)? Possible research question: How can a tool transform a dissatisfied user into a satisfied one?

Kick Off Meeting
Where? Engehaldenstrasse 8 in Bern @ Room 003
When? March 1st 2016 from 17:00 - 18:00

Training aims

This seminar offers students the possibility to work on interesting topics in the area of Web Analysis and Monitoring. It is open for students in the BeNeFri cooperation; in other words for all Bernese students from business, humanities and science. Students will be required to get a deep understanding of the topic of their choice, present their proposals at the mid-term (20% of the grade) and final presentations (30% of the grade) and write a final paper (50% of the grade). Students will be divided into groups of 2. Each group will receive a clear assignment which is achievable within the semester time.


Research Papers in English