Human-IST Institute

Hacking Utopia

Let’s hack: Crack the Building!
“Hacking Utopia”
is a joint venture of Swiss Post and Human-IST. On 24th/25th November 2017 we want to carry out Hacking Utopia for the first time. The motto of our premiere is: “Crack the Building!” Participants will work on challenges with building data provided by Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd (Post IMS). 

More infos and registration here.

After two years of activity, Human-IST officially became an Institute in August 2017. It is dedicated to research and training in Human-Computer Interaction combining expertise in computer science, psychology and sociology. Human-IST (Human Centered Interaction Science and Technology) aims to develop and evaluate new interface technologies that are usable, useful, and appealing to a broad section of people, and compatible with sustainability criteria. We believe it is critical to understand how the needs of people can be reflected in our future technologies. To this end, the Human-IST Institute conducts cutting-edge multidisciplinary research in the design, implementation and evaluation of novel paradigms regarding Interaction Science and Technology.

The Human-IST (Human-Centered Interaction Science and Technology) Institute of the University of Fribourg is an interfaculty institute affiliated with the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, and is dedicated to research and teaching in Human-Computer Interaction, combining expertise in computer science, psychology and sociology.

The objectives and tasks of the institute are described in detail in the Statutes of the Human-IST Institute. The Institute has the following three administrative bodies: