Information Visualization

Discover the Human-IST Institute through information visualization research projects.

  • Visualizing the Influence of Language in 15 Years of Political Elections in a Bilingual Canton

    This interdisciplinary project held in cooperation with HES-SO Valais Wallis and the Institute of European Studies of the University of Fribourg aims at understanding the influence of language in political elections in the bilingual canton of Valais. Based upon the data from the cantonal government elections from 2001 to 2017 in Valais, the researchers combine data visualization and machine-learning approaches with contemporary history methods to interpret the role of language in the choice of political representatives.

    Human-IST Collaborators: Florian EvéquozDenis Lalanne

    External Collaborators: Bernhard Altermatt (Unifr), HES-SO Valais

    Start date: May 2017

  • CLISEL Project

    CLISEL is a “Coordination and support action” led by the European Union to study and gather data about law instruments, migration and climate-security with a focus on Sardinia. Human-IST is working with the World Trade Institute (WTI) to build various data visualizations. These will allow researchers not only to communicate about their findings, but also to explore datasets that are not explicitly related together. We expect these visualizations to shape a better understanding of the relation between climate change and migration, as well as the impact of policies in response to climatic disasters on migration.  

    Human-IST Collaborators: Pierre Vanhulst, Florian EvéquozDenis Lalanne

    External Collaborators: Elisa Fornale (WTI)

    Start date: August 2017


  • Visual Analytics of Building Data

    Building Management Systems (BMS) are more and more standard building equipment. These senso-motoric systems generate great amounts of data. The aim of this project is to enhance traditional data presentation format such as graphs and tables to support expert users in early open-ended exploration of building data. Visualization prototypes involving established machine learning and interactive data visualization techniques allow expert users  to derive meaningful conclusions in limited time.

    Human-IST Collaborators: Julien Nembrini, Florian EvéquozDenis Lalanne

    Start date: April 2015