Human-IST (Human Centered Interaction Science and Technology) aims to develop and evaluate new interface technologies that are usable, useful, and appealing to a broad section of people, and compatible with sustainability criteria. It is dedicated to research and training in Human-Computer Interaction combining expertise in computer science, psychology and sociology. 

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Reimagining Artificial Intelligence - Towards Establishing a Sociological Conception of AI

Within the framework of an SNF funded project, Human-IST is conducting interviews with prominent urban sociologists with an influential record of studies in the context of European cities. The objective…

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Swiss HCI Research Paper Presentations

The ACM SIGCHI Chapter in Switzerland - with the principal contribution of the Human-IST institute - has organized a virtual event on the 4th and 5th of May 2020, during which the Swiss researchers who…

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Streetwise: Survey on your spatial perception

There are thousands of maps - but none shows the quality of the room from the population's perspective. How do we perceive our living space? How do we experience the atmosphere of a place? Where do we…

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Soft and Cognitive Computing

Human-Computer Interaction

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Interaction Science and Technology (CAS)
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