Human-IST (Human Centered Interaction Science and Technology) aims to develop and evaluate new interface technologies that are usable, useful, and appealing to a broad section of people, and compatible with sustainability criteria. It is dedicated to research and training in Human-Centered Digitalisation and Interaction Science & Technology combining expertise coming from several disciplines such as computer science, psychology, law and sociology.

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The explainability challenge in descriptive analytics: do we understand the data?

The exponential growth creates a data flood that is hard to handle by decision makers. In many domains, humans are collaborating with machines for decision making purposes to cope with the resulting data…

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From Cybernetics and Systems Theory to Computer Science and Fuzzy Sets: Historical facts and future prospects

After World War II scientists and technicians among Claude E. Shannon and Norbert Wiener established the new research field of Information Theory. Some of them referenced the work of appropriate experts,…

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Asymmetry in conjunctive and disjunctive evaluation and the role of machine learning in this field

As part of the IT colloquia taking place at the University of Fribourg, we are pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Miroslav Hudec, Faculty of Economic Informatics,…

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