Human-IST was created in 2015, thanks to our faithful donors, in particular Willi Liebherr and Gustav Stenbolt. With the great vision to support a human-centric digitalization of service public services, in 2017 Swiss Post joined as an important development partner of the Institute.

At Human-IST we are committed to conducting research that allows us to develop cutting-edge solutions that address current problems more comprehensively and truthfully. We are convinced that with the right partners and our team of researchers and scientists, our goal of creating technologies that enable the development of a more sustainable society is possible.  

We invite you to be part of our ecosystem and to help us develop the future.


Our partners support projects by providing data, use cases, and financial support. This helps not only to get access to a plethora of experienced researchers’ network, always up-to-date on state-of-the-art solutions and techniques, but also to a very strong ecosystem of industry and academic partners that collaborate on solving complex societal challenges by sharing knowledge and resources.

At the Human-IST Institute, we are working in multidisciplinary settings, thereby providing an academic ecosystem where public and private partners can contribute their knowledge and expertise to solve complex problems of users and societies in a human-centric and sustainable way.

Collaborations with industry are achieved with the sponsorship of researchers, which act as a bridge between our partners and the Institute by working on joint-projects in both working settings. 

Our key partners at the Human-IST Institute are: