Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Science and Technology (MAS)

The Learning Lab: An innovative and Organic Blend of Structured and Hands-on Learning, and Research Experience.

As part of the Learning Lab, Human-IST MAS students will have a work space in a small Human-IST open-plan office with in-situ learning facilities, to work on an applied research project in collaboration with an industrial partner, with regular supervision, both collective and individual, innovation seminars and access to knowledge and a Fab lab. They will also attend regular courses and seminars in which they will gain theoretical knowledge in Interaction Science and Technology. The Learning Lab gives future interaction scientists and technologists a competitive edge. Finally, they will have to write a thesis related to the project that addresses a fundamental research question, as in a traditional academic setting.

Official Regulations for the MAS Program

Structured Learning
  • Through courses and seminars
Hands-on Learning
  • Through an internship in industry to work on an applied project
Research Experience
  • Through academic research and thesis writing


The MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) will be worth 60 ECTS credits and will be carried out over the course of 1 year full-time, with a maximum annual intake of 6 students. Further details about the program, including how the different parts are evaluated, can be found in the Study Plan.

Courses and Seminars (20ECTS)
  • 20 full days of courses, held once a week
  • 2 semester-long seminars
  • Pre- and post-course work
Applied Research Project (20ECTS)
  • 14 week internship at a partner company
  • Work on an applied research project specified by the partner company
  • Supervision on-site and by senior Human-IST staff member
  • Participation in an innovation seminar
MAS Thesis (20ECTS)
  • Addresses fundamental research question
  • Topic related to applied project
  • Traditional academic standards

Student Profile

The program is geared towards, but not restricted to, recently graduated master students from universities or universities of applied sciences who want to specialize in interaction science or learn new skills to complement their existing knowledge.


Academic Requirements

Students will be considered for admission into the Human-IST MAS program if they have a Master's diploma from an institute of higher education (a university, a polytechnial university, a university of applied sciences or equivalent). Professional experience is an asset.

Since the program, including all courses, will be held in English and the reports are expected to be written in English, students are recommended to have an English proficiency level of at least B2.

Fulfilling the admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the MAS program. Decisions regarding admission are made by the program direction, and students must receive a formal letter from the program direction to confirm their admission.


Application Options, Study Grants and Fees

There are 3 options through which you can apply for the Human-IST MAS in Interaction Science and Technology, depending on your personal situation:

  1. You currently work in a company or institute and want to carry out your MAS internship within your company or institute.
  2. You do not currently work in a company or institute and would like the program direction to find you a placement for your internship, but you are only interested in participating in the MAS program if you receive one of the limited number of study grants, worth 32’000 CHF, which are available to students with outstanding qualifications. 
  3. You do not currently work in a company or institute, would like the program direction to find you a placement for your internship, and would like to participate in the MAS program with or without a study grant.

When applying, please indicate which option you are applying for, and in the case of option 3, whether you would like to be considered for the grant or not. In all cases, you need to submit a letter of motivation, a CV and copies of your diplomas. If you wish to be considered for a study grant, you will also need to submit samples of previous work and two reference letters. Once accepted into the program, you will need to pay the enrolment fee of 20’000 CHF.