Swiss Digital SummitPublished on 02.09.2020

Digital Transformation in Economy and Society

The Swiss Informatics Association (SI) promotes information technology in Switzerland in research and in practice. with a membership of almost 2000, SI is the largest association for IT professionalism in Switzerland. Topics relevant to society such as Green IT and Ethics are actively dealt with within Special Interest Groups.

The association of the Swiss professorate in Computer Science (SIRA) represents academia in SI as a collective member formerly known as the Technology Outlook, the Swiss Digital Summit (SDS) was created with the goal of informing the public of trends and new achievements in IT. Researchers from all over the world present their research in a language to be understood by the general public while keeping the scientific depth at the highest academic level. 

The latest SDS event took place on the 8th of October 2020 and Human-IST Business Relations Director Prof. Dr. Edy Portmann presented the panel "Business Informatics Today" alongside with Prof. Dr. Hubert Österle (University of St. Gallen), Prof. Dr. Stefan Strecker (University of Hagen, Germany), Prof. Dr. Irina Rychkova, (University Paris 1), and Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Fill (University Fribourg).

At the end of the summit, Prof. Portmann was elected as a new board member of the Swiss Informatics Society.