PresentationPublished on 06.07.2021

Human-IST Projects Exhibited in Architectural Events

1- Media Architecture Biennale, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Playful experience through interactive sonic design in virtual environments

Sound plays a vital role in public spaces, yet studies on the effects of sound perception on crowd behaviors are limited. The aim is to address this through a combination of experts talk followed by an experiential activity where all participants will be invited to explore a series of sonic spaces within a virtual environment, to explore the relationship between sound and engagement in public space and demonstrate how sound can affect the duration of stay and potentially enable or inhibit engagement in public space.

2- Experimental Architecture Biennale, Prague, Czech Republic

"EAB is an alternative to mainstream building production. It takes advantage of the contemporary tools of parametric design, robotic systems, and synthetic biology. It is directly connected to the development of technologies and materials."

Human-IST has contributed to the 2021 Experimental Architecture Biennale with an ongoing project in collaboration with the Robotic Architecture Lab in the Delft University of Technology. The project explores the opportunities that advances in artificial intelligence can create to enhance interactive urban inter-personal experiences but also interactions between people and urban nature.