Ulmer Denkanstösse 2024Published on 19.04.2024

Opening keynote on AI and the illusion of neutrality

In its 17th edition, the Ulm Denkanstösse 2024 adressed the relationship between man and machine, which has been shaped in recent years primarily by the rapid developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). From March 20 to 23, the Denkanstöße events at Stadthaus Ulm shed light on the state of technical research and take an artistic approach to AI.

Anna Jobin gave the opening lecture on "Artificial intelligence and the illusion of neutrality".

This thought-provoking talk examined the apparent discrepancy that artificial intelligence (AI) is simultaneously celebrated as an innovative force and viewed as a social threat, while at the same time being perceived as a neutral technology.

(photo credits ulmer-denkanstoesse.de)

More information on the topic below.

Link: https://ulmer-denkanstoesse.de/dr-anna-jobin/